PREMIERE in Saint-Petersburg

Immersive show “The Golden Mask” Theater Award 2018 nominee

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“The Revenants” is the Miguel director’s cut of the legendary immersive show based on the play “Ghosts” by Henrik Ibsen. The performance takes place in an old mansion with full immersion effect and a sense of freedom.

The most impressive
theatrical performance
of this season


Evident, but incredible act!

The Hollywood Reporter

Orgies, youth, death and morphine in mansion

Harper’s Bazaar

Dramatic act of the highest acting and production levels

Business FM

Unusual, strong impression


Immersiveness of the year

Interview Russia

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It's a theater with no chairs. And the scene is a mansion's 4 floors. Put on the mask and dare yourself for more

  • Participant of the main festival program NET: New European Theatre

  • “The Golden Mask” Theater Award 2018 nominee

© Immersive show “The Revenants”, 2016–2018


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